TECSUD - Distribuzione apparecchiature medicali


TECSUD s.r.l. - Medical Solutions

TECSUD s.r.l. has been a commercial company for the medical sector since 2003.
Born from the experience of a group of professionals specialized in the hospital sector for the promotion and sale of:

-Specialized medical devices;
-Surgical and endoscopic tools;
-High-quality electromedical equipment and cutting-edge technologies.


TECSUD s.r.l. for the promotion of its products it makes use of a direct sales network made up of agents and employees who cover the entire territory of the Campania, Molise and Basilicata regions and soon also Puglia and Lazio.

Its operational and logistic base is in Naples, near the hospital hill area.


To introduce technological innovation in the medical sector, through continuous research on international markets, in order to offer an excellent service to our customers.

We buy the products directly from the manufacturers in order to be extremely competitive in terms of prices.

Our focus is above all to provide an after-sales service with a high target, through the support of our team of “specialists”.


We work with

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